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Cottage Ceilings

These ceilings started with 70s acoustic tiles, which thankfully tested safely asbestos-free. We pulled off tile and layers of paper to reveal this beadboard/carsiding/whatever you call it. We pulled out hundreds of nails and are working on filling the holes in with putty. In the meantime...what would you do about the paint, which is highly likely to be lead paint?

Obviously, we won't be licking it or anything, but I don't want to scrape it and have it flaking in the air either. Would you paint over it and let the spotty texture just be part of the package?

And then there are the giant holes. We actually have 3 of these beauties. What would you do here? There is a matching hole in the bedroom floor above these. I'm in need of a creative solution and this is not my specialty. Help!

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