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We've had Murray for nearly a year now. That makes him around a year and a half old. Murray has turned out to be quite a handful, but he's part of the family.

Word to the wise: puppies that are older than 3 months are very difficult to re-train.

I'm not really a "pet" person, but we are planning to move to a farm this summer and I thought a small, indoor dog that could bark at strangers would be a good idea, especially for those times when Chris ends up working at night. Unfortunately, Murray grew to twice the size the previous owner told us, he doesn't WANT to be indoors, and he doesn't bark at anything except squirrels. And flies.

We occasionally take Murray down to the farm with us when we work on renovations and he has been in heaven, running through fields and rolling in dead things. By the time we leave, his thick, white fur is matted with burrs and manure. And he couldn't be happier.

I cannot seem to embed a slideshow this morning, but you can go see it if you'd like.

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