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Kym over at Homeschool Coffee Break posed an interesting idea: having a theme verse for a school year. I had heard a similar idea that named each year, giving it a theme and helping families to focus on a life lesson each year.

I am getting ready to tear the house apart, pulling out school supplies and stacking books all over every available surface. Since we are planning for our next school year to begin in a new house, I am especially intimidated about organizing our fall semester. I've been so intimidated, I've dreaded even starting. But this idea has reminded me where my planning needs to really begin: prayer.

Whether your children learn at home or at school...or goodness! Whether you have children or not, there is a sweet simplicity in stopping to ask God "What lesson do you have for me today? Is there something you'd like me to focus on for this upcoming year?"

Such a simple thing, but it now has me excited about preparing for my new year, now that I remember where to begin!

What has God laid on your heart? Do you have a verse or theme that He is leading you to focus on?

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