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Closet Monsters and Prayer Princesses

Chris has been at a training seminar this week and we've been limping along without him. I thought I would surprise him with a super-clean house, but....well, it didn't happen. I started with the closet. .Rookie mistake.

Cleaning out closets means removing items from the closet and putting them...somewhere. They went to my bed at first and I fully intended to find new homes for all of those items before bedtime.

It didn't happen.

I spent two nights sleeping on the couch because I couldn't find my bed. Two!

I have no idea how I ever fit that much stuff IN that tiny closet. But I'm finally making progress. It will be picked up before Chris gets home.

So, Chris has missed out on my closet eating our bedroom. He also missed out on me getting pulled over on my way home from church. I was pulled over for expired tags (Oops!) right in front of our house. The kids went on into the house while I stayed outside and cried on the porch. I cry when I'm embarrassed.

The girls told me later that they have formed a new club and it's a praying club. So while I was outside with Officer Jones (who is the nicest police officer EVER,) their club met under a blanket, with their stuffed animals. They prayed that everything would go just fine outside.

And it did.

Thanks to my little prayer princesses and the gracious Officer Jones, Chris will come home to a warning and not a ticket. Whew!

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