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Simplified Pantry - A Review

 photo tn_zpsd0054245.jpgIt is not a joke at all when I tell you that the most stressful part about homeschooling is eating lunch. It seems to jump out and surprise me every day. We'll be in a great learning groove and making excellent headway in a subject, and then suddenly, my students start whining about hunger pains. Making lunch requires not teaching while I make lunch. It means massive clean-up after we've eaten lunch. It means I lose my students for up to 2 hours sometimes! The best solution I can imagine is to hire a caterer or order delivery every day. But since that isn't in the budget, another great option is to implement the advice from the book Simplified Dinners by Simplified Pantry. 


I peeked outside my window
  • When I heard a robin sing
  • His chirp was sure a sign
  • Of the coming of the spring.

Spanish for You - A Review

Learning a foreign language in those early years is so much easier than learning it as an adult. I'm amazed at how quickly those little minds can fill with so much information. Experts have shown that children who begin listening to foreign languages at a young age are much more likely to be able to imitate a proper accent. But most families don't have an opportunity to listen to native accents very often.

Papa's Pearls - A Review

We received a nifty little book, called Papa's Pearls which we've been reading after lunch lately. The full title is Papa’s Pearls: A Father’s Gift of Love and Wisdom To His Children and GrandchildrenIn the book, Diane Flynn Keith shares stories about her father, Carol J. Flynn, and words and examples of wisdom that he shared throughout his life.

Snuggle Bug

We had a fabulous Mother's Day weekend. One stop was at a Mother's Day Ceremony with my Grandma. During the worship service, Sarah Grace made her way around the table snuggling with all available snugglers, be they willing or no. But who can resist that cuteness?

Closet Monsters and Prayer Princesses

Chris has been at a training seminar this week and we've been limping along without him. I thought I would surprise him with a super-clean house, but....well, it didn't happen. I started with the closet. .Rookie mistake.

Cleaning out closets means removing items from the closet and putting them...somewhere. They went to my bed at first and I fully intended to find new homes for all of those items before bedtime.

It didn't happen.

I spent two nights sleeping on the couch because I couldn't find my bed. Two!

I have no idea how I ever fit that much stuff IN that tiny closet. But I'm finally making progress. It will be picked up before Chris gets home.

So, Chris has missed out on my closet eating our bedroom. He also missed out on me getting pulled over on my way home from church. I was pulled over for expired tags (Oops!) right in front of our house. The kids went on into the house while I stayed outside and cried on the porch. I cry when I'm embarrassed.

The girls told me later that they have formed a new club and it's a praying club. So while I was outside with Officer Jones (who is the nicest police officer EVER,) their club met under a blanket, with their stuffed animals. They prayed that everything would go just fine outside.

And it did.

Thanks to my little prayer princesses and the gracious Officer Jones, Chris will come home to a warning and not a ticket. Whew!