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It's in the Genes

I've been teaching an embroidery class for a couple weeks and today we worked on how to tie a knot. I was trying to describe the method of wrapping the end around your finger and rolling it with your thumb. My student, Shelby, wasn't quite grasping the method of rolling so I explained, "You roll the thread between your finger and thumb just like you're rolling a booger." (classy, right?)

Honor made a face and I told Shelby that Honor didn't approve of our conversation. Shelby didn't understand why and I told her that somehow (only the Lord knows how) Honor was born a little lady who preferred conversations that did not involve any form of bodily functions.

Shelby said, "She must have learned that from you, huh?"

Honor let out a most unlady-like guffaw, ending it with, "Uh, no."

I confessed, it did not come from me. Shelby sagely pronounced that it must have come from somewhere down the family line.

Honor, who just couldn't let it go, said, "Way, WAAAAAAAaaaaaaayyyyyy down the line."

Her grandmothers are all just fine in the lady department, but Honor wanted it understood that it was far from ME. And she's right. It apparently skipped me.

If you don't know Honor and her sweet, sweet heart...this conversation could make her sound like a brat. You have to understand that the girl would be torn up if she thought this might be hurtful. She's a loving little girl who undeservedly adores her Mama, but she did mysteriously join the family full of sensibilities the rest of us just don't have. She is patient with us. More patient than we are with her. It's hard not to purposefully say things to inspire that look of horror on her face occasionally. Homeschooling: Where bullying comes from your family. Bet you didn't know us homeschoolers have bullies, too.

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