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I'm in a Theme Song

 photo Promessi_sposi_4dff73068db85.jpgBefore reading this, you must understand that Ethan is my engineer...My little math and science geek grown up. He's been exploring colleges, focusing heavily on schools that specialize in engineering. Afraid we were narrowing the focus too much, I asked him if he was sure engineering was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. He said, "Yes. Definitely. That, or Medieval Lit."

Because they are so similar?

I'm still trying to wrap my head around my math-boy embracing Promessi Sposi. With that in mind, proceed to the following conversation:

Me: Boys, we need to discuss your Language Arts options for next ye-
Ethan: POETRY! I want to do lots of poetry!
Me: Um, okay, we can do that or we-
Ethan: I'm a Poet-Ninja.
Me: Pardon?
Ethan: It's not a double occupation, just so you know. It's a degree of poet. I am a ninja at poetry.
Joel: Yeah, well I think I'm turning Japanese.

And on another note, I have always heard this song saying, "I think I'm turning Japanese. I'm in a theme song." But they are apparently saying, "I really THINK SO."

Not theme song.

Just so you know.

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