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April Fools

I had a little fun while the kids were sleeping this morning....

Joel calmly greeted the fridge with a, "Well, hello there."

Ethan opened the fridge and shrieked like a girl, stumbling backwards in fear and then collapsing in laughter.

It was great.

I attempted to draw eyeliner moustaches on the girls while they slept. Honor slept with her face covered and Sarah wiped her face with her hands every time I attempted to draw anything. 

When Joel saw Sarah's face, he immediately looked at his watch to check the date and then ran to the bathroom mirror to see if he'd been pranked. Sarah went through the morning routine, not knowing she had anything on her face. She saw the half-moustache I'd drawn on Honor and said, "Hey, Honor, you have a little something on your lip right there."  We all laughed, realizing she still had no idea.

I am notoriously bad at cooking eggs. When I fry eggs, they are either grossly over-cooked or grossly under-cooked, so the kids weren't too surprised to see under-cooked eggs on their plates this morning. 

It was actually yogurt with peaches.

I have a few more things on today's list, but this has been a great start to the day.
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