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Real Food

I'm not finished yet, but I just have to share: I have my body back! It is amazing what a difference a mindset makes. Before Paleo, I was borderline depression, my self-esteem was shot, and I resented my body. The day I started Paleo, there was a major attitude adjustment: My body responded to the way I treated it. I fed it crap, it looked and felt like crap. I was determined to treat it better. It responded well.  I want to feel good, so I have to eat well. Sometimes, the cheesecake will be worth it. Sometimes. Rarely.

Several times, my children have started to offer me something and then said, "Oh, wait. You can't have wheat."  And I have firmly corrected them: I am not on a diet. I can have whatever I want. But no thank you. I don't want it."

I've lost 7 lbs in 25 days. I fit into my pants. Pre-paleo, I was struggling with accepting my body size and buying a new wardrobe or being hard on my body and fitting into the clothes in my closet. Hard on my body?? I have to laugh at the idea now. All the time it was actually the option of being GOOD to my body. Eating peppers and onions fried in bacon grease is not hard. Fresh fruits and salads...real tough, huh? Grilled meats, fried meats, roasted meats...or the other option: Wheat followed by sluggish mind, body, and emotions.

I've had several people comment that I look good. One friend called me to find out what I was doing. She said, "Yeah, you're smaller, but that's not what I mean. You look HEALTHY. You feel good and it shows.  I want that. Tell me what to do."  

I said at the beginning of this that if I never lost a pound, it was still worth it for the way I felt. I meant it. But fitting these clothes again is a very nice bonus.

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"Man lives by affirmation even more than by bread." - Victor Hugo