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Mothers Day

Could there be a more guilt-inducing holiday? Can one be a mom without having anxiety about failing as a mom? We are keenly aware of our housekeeping shortcomings, our impatience, and our in ability to get it all done.

Mothers Day sermons are some of the hardest to sit through. Pastors praise us as we squirm. The morning prior to church was a blur of children trying to give us a terrible breakfast in bed when we were already late, leading to shouts of HURRY AND FIND YOUR SHOES ALREADY!!! Or they forgot altogether and we spent the morning nursing hurt feelings, which still isn't praise-worthy and we know it.

This Mothers Day, my oldest son is graduating and about to leave the nest and I realize that all of those Mothers Day goals to get my act together and actually earn those Mothers Day card sentiments are now unattainable. I can't go back and change any of it and the memory I've given him is now permanently fixed.

If you're a mom struggling this morning, I share my consolation: The very fact that you are aware of your shortcomings means you CARE. you are trying. You love your children and they know it. They see your failures, but they also see your efforts. They see your imperfections and they see you seek grace. It's a very good example for life.

Snow Days

It wasn't a grand quantity of snow, but we made the most of it. Three days of half-hearted school work and devoted sledding!

We managed to get breakfast, bible studies, and math in before sledding. Then lunch and some Treasure Island before more sledding. Then English and History. Then nothing. Sweet nothing. Cocoa, books, video feels like Christmas.

Ethan's homemade sled 

A sweet brother pulling his sister

Gracie didn't quite weigh enough and just kept sliding down the sled.

my baby growing up

January Freebie

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Every year, I attempt some form of Bible-reading plan. This year, I've decided to just keep track of my haphazard reading approach. I've created this checklist that lets you color in a block for each chapter read. You don't have to read in any particular order to finish the entire Bible this year! Personally, I'm still using my YouVersion app to tackle my reading with a chronological approach, but this let's me keep track of my other readings that don't involve the app reading sessions.

The printable is undated, so you can keep track of all the chapters you read. Obviously, it does not have to be tackled in one year. Take all the time you need and use the printable to visually watch your progress. 

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Sweet Sixteen

Mama, you've given it your all. You've beaten yourself up with guilt for the times you didn't feel you gave enough. You've been determined and committed and exhausted and defeated. Despite your best efforts to keep everything under control, you've found chaos.

Your New Year goals are already raising a judgmental eyebrow. Your pinterest-worthy pictures have cropped out the cheerios glued to the table with yesterday's milk sugar. You doubt your worth and you doubt your abilities, all while striving to get it together. But what if you never "get it together?"

The Lord is not asking you to try harder. He's asking you to taste and see that He is good. With all your imperfections, trust Him. With all of it. With all of you. Trust Him.

Psalm 119:103
I read yesterday that waiting to come to God until after we clean up our lives is like having your leg cut off, but waiting until the bleeding stops to go to the hospital. We know this for our salvation, but what about our Motherhood? We make up rules for our lives and we start to believe them. We start to believe that God can't bless me in this area until I've perfected that area.

I desire to be a sweet mom with sweet words, and yet I find myself being a sarcastic mom with snarling words. I can't change this, but I can make every effort to speak in love and I can commit this part of my life to the Lord, leaning on Him to be strong where I am weak. Where are you weak? Are you walking in pride? Are you walking in fear? What do you need to trust Him with today?

My prayer for all of us this year is that 2016 is truly a sweet 16. Our purpose is to glorify Him and to enjoy Him forever. He is glorified when we yield control. He is glorified when we read His Holy Word and let it change our hearts. He is glorified when we enjoy the sweetness of life He has given.